Mr. Oliver’s Diary : Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is by-far one of my most favourite authors of all times!! His books are a delight, and his sense of humour is impeccable as well. So here I am again, telling you about one of his best works till date. Here’s how it goes:

SYNOPSIS( My Version+ In the Book)

Mr. Oliver is a history teacher at Simla’s prep school. He arrives in Simla with a trainload of naughty boys to start a new term. As he records the happenings of school in his personal diary, we realise that there is never a dull moment.  A fire, a missing headmaster, runaway students and a lot more humourous stunts at school ensure that not a single day passes by when Mr. Oliver does not have something to report in his diary. He writes about the eccentric teachers, the girl’s school next door and the lovely Anjali Ramola, whom he secretly admires. Mr. Oliver’s Diary brings alive evergreen stories about life in school and it’s accompanying frolic. With his truant wig,  pet- parrot and endearing dry wit, Mr. Oliver is as well-loved as the other vintage Ruskin Bond characters, Uncle Ken and Rusty.


 As you all might have already guessed, I have only good points to say about this book. It is an awesome read for Ruskin Bond fans( including me!) , a treat for readers and contains all the essential requirements in a good read ; humour , charm, mirthful language and lots of adventures , AN AWESOME AUTHOR! ; all in one book!! A must read for all readers looking for something entertaining as well as enchanting and captivating.



Thank you so much guys for sticking till the end!! I will see you soon in my next post, Until then, keep reading!!!


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