Girl Online By: Zoe Sugg aka Zoella

Hey guys!! I am back with another  book review and this time it is based on the book Girl Online (Part 1) By famous YouTuber and Blogger, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella . The story goes like this:


The story is narrated to us by Penelope, a fifteen year old girl who lives in Brighton, UK. She tells us about her blog, which she runs under the name of ‘ Girl Online’. She faces anxiety and frequent panic attacks , and writing about this in her blog helped her overcome it. She lives with her parents, who run a wedding planning store in their town, as well as her brother Tom, who studies at a boarding school far away. She has a best friend named Megan , who has started to BULLY her at school, and her crush Ollie thinks she’s silly. She lives next-door to Elliot, who has been her best friend since childhood, and shares everything with him. Elliot is like an elder brother to her, and he treats her like a younger sister too! Then, when things with Anxiety and Panic Attacks get from bad to worse, Penny travels to New York with her parents for a wedding planning session for 2 weeks. There she meets Noah, a handsome, caring and genuine boy, who is the first one she ever met who never made fun of her, mocked her and made her fell uncomfortable. Noah and Penny fall in love, but Noah has a secret too! A secret that can break Penny’s closest friendship forever….


The book is awesome, and hands-down one of my most favourite ones! It was a delight viewing the world from Penny’s eyes! A must read for all girls out there !! WOW!!



Oh my gosh guys I never expected people to give so much love to my writings, and you all really make my heart melt with love!! I love every single one of you who patiently read through such long reviews!! If you guys don’t know, I am a YouTuber too!! Check out my channel and give it love by clicking on this link:!! Thank you so much guys!! Comment down below on which book are you currently reading!! I will be back soon, until then, keep reading!!


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