I Capture the Castle: Dodie Smith

Hey Guys!! I am back with another book review, and this time it is based on the book I Capture The Castle , By Dodie Smith. The story goes like this:

SYNOPSIS(My Version)

The story is the diary of our teenage narrator, Cassandra. She lives in a tumble-down castle with her family in Scoatney. Her family comprises of her father, James Mortmain, a writer who has given up writing ; her stepmother Topaz Mortmain , a model and artist who has left modelling; her elder sister Rose who dreams to get married to a rich man someday; her younger brother Thomas, whose studies are a big expense for the struggling family and their helper, Stephen Colly. The family earns by selling their once-prized possessions , and often cannot make ends meet. Soon after, Simon and Neil Cotton arrive at Scoatney, as the town squires. Simon falls in love with Rose, and they plan to get married, with Simon bearing all the expenses of the livelihood of the Mortmain family thereafter. Things take a wild turn when Cassandra falls in love with Simon, Stephen falls in love with Cassandra, Rose falls in love with Neil and Neil falls in love with Rose too. How will Cassandra stop Simon from marrying Rose? Rose agrees for the marriage as she wants her family to be well fed, even if she has to sacrifice her love for that. Catch what happens next , in the book itself.


The story is an emotional journey of a young girl, how she longs for her love,Simon, but at the same time cannot bear to hurt her sister’s feelings. The author has explained the feelings in a very touching way, and this book will always remain close to my heart. A must read for Young Adult readers. A complete delight!!



Thank you so much guys for sticking till the end, I will be back soon. Until then, keep reading!!



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