George’s Secret Key to the Universe: By Lucy and Stephen Hawking

Hey guys!! I am back with another book review and this time it is on a book written by the world-famous scientist Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy Hawking. The story goes like this:

SYNOPSIS(My Version)

George was an ordinary boy brought up by his parents who are farmers, and they own a large vegetable patch right in front of their house. His life changes one day, when Eric and his daughter Annie move into the house next to George’s. Eric is an amazing scientist, and he owns COSMOS,the world’s most POWERFUL COMPUTER!!! COSMOS can show people right into OUTER SPACE and also send people into Outer Space, right from their living room!! He can show how a star is born, how Earth was created, to people, LIVE from Outer Space, through a window right into their living room!! George finds it all very magnificent and fascinating. Eric makes George promise that he would not tell anyone about COSMOS. But when George accidentally tells his horrid teacher, Dr. Graham Reeper, about COSMOS, it is bound to get into wrong hands. With Eric lost into Outer Space, only George and Annie can save the day!!!! That is where the story takes a very interesting turn. Only one question arises in your mind…”Would George be able to do it?” 


The story was spell-binding, as well as educative, and as it was written by world-famous scientist Stephen Hawking and his Daughter Lucy Hawking, the book also included many pictures and interesting facts right from OUTER SPACE!!!  Reading this book was a complete delight. I highly recommend this book to readers who are looking forward to books based on Space Science or Cosmology, along with an enriching story line. The book is written in a very mirthful language and it is very easy to understand.

RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP: 10 years to 14 years


Thank you  so much for reading till the end. My next review will be out soon. Until then, bye-bye!!



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