20,000 Leagues Under The Sea : by Jules Verne

Hey guys!! Here I return with another thrilling and motivating book review.This time it is a book written by world-renowned author Jules Verne. So the story goes like this:


20000 Leagues Under the Sea
20,000 Leagues under the sea

The story is about the adventures of Captain Nemo, and his crew aboard the Nautilus, a submarine. Professor Pierre Aronnax, a marine biologist, is invited to join an expedition to find and destroy a mysterious creature that has been damaging ships at sea.When the naval ship in which he is travelling is attacked by the creature, Aronnax finds himself inside a submarine known as Nautilus. There, he meets Captain Nemo, the commander of the vessel who refuses to release him. Gradually, Aronnax begins enjoying aboard the Nautilus, and is enthralled by the exciting life under the sea.He realises that Captain Nemo may be tough on the outside, but he is very warm and sensitive on the inside. But when circumstances reveal to Aronnax some bitter truths of Captain Nemo’s life, his perception about the magical Nautilus changes. An accident results in all of the exits of the Nautilus getting jammed, so tight that even air is not able to go out and come inside it. With the air pressure outside increasing, and the amount of oxygen inside decreasing, what can Captain Nemo, Professor Aronnax and their crew do to save their lives?

The story takes readers on a thrilling journey through the deep waters. The characters are very strong and bold , and they match well with the story.The charm of being a CLASSIC can be seen with each word of the marvellous and fabulous author.Must read for all SCI-FI lovers.

RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP: 9 Years to 12 Years

RATING: 3 and a half stars out of 5 stars

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