The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan


Hello guys!! I am back with another boom-bastic Book Review, but this time,it’s for teens or tweens. Geronimo Stilton was recommended only for kids, but this time I have something for higher standard readers too. So, this series features a “DEMIGOD” or a “HALF-BLOOD” boy named PERCY JACKSON. Demigods are children of Greek gods and a mortal (normal human) which means that one of their parents is a Greek God. In Percy’s case, his father is POSIEDON, the God Of The Sea. All Demigods need to attend a particular academy known as “Camp HALF-BLOOD” where they learn how to protect themselves from the Evil God “KRONOS” and his army. Percy’s best friend is GROVER, who is a SATYR or a person with the upper body of a MAN and the legs,horns and tail of a GOAT.And next in the list we have Percy’s Best friend and later Girlfriend ANNABETH, the daughter of ATHENA, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. ANNABETH is just like her mother, intelligent and strong from inside.


Percy’s mother is a mortal, or a normal human being, and she raises Percy as one too. Percy does not know anything about the existence of his father as a Greek God, and also does not know that Camp HALF- BLOOD exists. He is an ADHD and Dyslexic, thus has problems in reading and writing. He always gets into trouble at school.Amusingly, he can both read and write Greek without any difficulty, though he never learnt it. One day, his wheelchair ridden Latin teacher,Mr.Brunner gives him ball point pen that changes into a magnificent sword,RIPTIDE, on clicking it.A monster, disguised as a teacher tries to kill Percy, but his Latin teacher was successful in rescuing him.Then Grover tells him all the truth, about he being the son of the Great Greek God POSIEDON, and that he now needs to go to Camp HALF-BLOOD.At first he does not believe it, but then in the end, Percy agrees to go to Camp HALF-BLOOD, and he discovers that his actual Demigod Identity is PERCEUS JACKSON. When he reaches, Camp HALF-BLOOD, he realises that his Latin teacher is actually CHIRON, a centaur, with the upper body of a man and the lower of a horse.CHIRON is the helper of the activities director at Camp HALF-BLOOD.He trains the young demigods at camp to be wonderful heroes in their lives. At camp, Percy realises his love for swordfighting, and discovers his power: his wounds heal if exposed to water(as his father is the lord of sea and water) also, Percy can control the waves, and the current of the sea and can make water do anything his heart wants.After a little time at the camp, Percy realises that he has a prophecy after him, stating that one day he will be the one to destroy The DARK LORD KRONOS. From there starts a spell-binding journey, with many mysteries,suspenses and a lot to discover.


The Series is quite enjoyable if you stick on with it and read it till the last book in the series. It has Puns, jokes and subtle wit, alongside a gripping storyline. The book is highly recommended for people who are interested in reading Adventure and Fantasy stories. The best part of it is that it is written in a very mirthful language that is easy to understand. Some of the books in this series are:


Must read for a fantastic experience!!! Sure to amuse you!!! It always has an amicable ending, and the author surely loves to give new surprises.The series has also been adapted into a movie franchise.

RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP: 10 years – 14 years

RATING: 4 stars out of 5 stars

Thanks alot for sticking till the end of such a long description, and I sincerely hope you liked the BOOK REVIEW, and will eagerly wait for my next post. Thanks a ton!!


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