Geronimo Stilton: Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House..

   Lets stgeronimo1art with the Geronimo Stilton series. The series features a “mouse” named Geronimo Stilton, who can “talk” , “walk on his two legs” and lives in an apartment, which he fondly calls a mouse-hole. He lives in a country called Mouse Island, and is the Chief Editor of the best known newspaper of his country,called Rodent’s Gazzete, and by default, he is shown to be a scaredy-mouse, or what you simply call a complete coward,or simply a mouse who would easily get terrified,sometimes even by his own shadow .This mouse is very different from mice you usually see stuck in mouse-traps near your house.

The other main characters in this series are:

Thea Stilton: Geronimo’s younger sister, she is just the opposite of her brother Geronimo.She loves taking risks,going for adventures and anything exciting has her in!! She is also a travelling freak, and loves to travel whenever she gets the time.She
works as a Special Correspondent for her brother’s newspaper, Rodent’s Gazzete.

Trap Stilton: He is Geronimo’s cousin, and very different from him.He is passionate about only two things in the world:cooking and teasing or playing pranks on his cousin Geronimo.He absolutely loves to cook, and aspires to open his own restaurant sometime in the future. Trap loves to play pranks on Geronimo and tease him because he is a calm,composed, and you can say a lazy person.


Okay, so the story goes something like this:

Lost in a cold,dark and mysterious forest, Geronimo is scared off his tail!! When it starts to rain,and his car stops dead in the middle of the forest,where he is alone and without shelter. He finds shelter in a nearby deserted castle.At first everything
seems perfectly normal,but later he finds out that the castle is haunted,that too by cats!! What will a fraidy-mouse like Geronimo do?? There begins a fur-raising experience,with twists and turns at every word.


Well, the story was nice,with lot of exciting mysteries and suspense, complete with a hilarious ending, but I seriously think that this book could have used a better language to demonstrate their amicable expressions.The author has used many slangs and not literally adopted language, such as jaw-bustling-rattlesnakes! The book is highly recommended for people who have just started off with reading, such as kids in——Grades 1 – 4. The story does NOT carry any possible moral,which does not make it a good or decent read for starters.

Recommended Age Group: 5 – 9 years

Rating: 2 stars out of 5 stars

Thanks to all of you for reading through such a long description!! I hope you liked it and will eagerly await my next book review, which I
will be posting shortly.Thanks a lot once again!!



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